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HLB MAURITIUS (Education and Training) led by Appavoo Business School, a Registered Training Institution is pleased to introduce a series of practical courses on Banking, led by Mr Mario Hennequin, an experienced Banking Expert.


• Corporate Lending / Atelier De Formation En Credit Bancaire
• Credit Analyst Development Workshop
• The Customer Service and CX Delivery Workshop for Bankers
• Debt Collection & Recovery for the Exposed Banker
• Financial Analysis & Interpretation for the Lending Banker
• Structured Induction Programme for Bankers
• Retail Lending
• Credit Appraisal Workshop
• Security for Bank Lending – Principles & Practice
• Trade Finance Workshop.

This series of training events consists of presentations, break-out sessions, case studies, learning assessment exercises and questions & answer sessions.

All our courses entitle Employers to claim up to 75% refund from HRDC.
We also propose tailor made courses depending upon requirements of the Financial Institution.

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Deeya Seeburrun

Registrar & Administrative Officer


An insight in Voluntary Administration

by Kaminee Busawah


Backdrop to Voluntary Administration

Faced against unparalleled uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic which is affecting business at all levels, company directors may find it difficult to ascertain that they would most likely be able to continue operations or promote the success of the company for the benefit of its members as a whole. Breaks in supply chain, faltering demands resulting in sharp decline in revenue, cash flow issues, failure to comply with loan repayments are all factors that may unfortunately progressively result in a number of companies facing insolvency or near insolvency situations.

It should be noted that directors have a duty to act with care, skill and diligence while holding their office as directors. Directors must therefore be prudent and be sufficiently prepared to mitigate impending risk of financial difficulties while preventing the risk of been exposed to personal claims.

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Kaminee Busawah

Managing Director- Risk & Compliance


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