Cross Border and Global Business

  • Our cross border and global business services are led by HLB Global Business (Mauritius) Ltd, which is a licensed Management Company with the Financial Services Commission. We provide support to the Global Business community ever since the setting up of the Mauritian International Financial Centre in the early 90s.
  • We are able to set up and provide administration and management service to different business vehicles which include the following:

The Authorised Company (“AC”) is the newest Mauritian structure whose business activities and place of effective management are both outside of Mauritius. An AC is exempted from income tax or any other tax in Mauritius considering its status as a non-resident. Such a company enjoys a flexible legal regime and is required by law to have only its registered office and a Registered Agent in Mauritius.

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Crowdfunding occurs when people from different sectors invest relatively small amounts of money in a business or provide finance to an entrepreneur to help the latter bring his business to a higher level. Only legal person incorporated in Mauritius (Domestic Company and Global Business Company ‘GBC’) can apply for the licence. Crowdfunding occurs when people from different sectors invest relatively small amounts of money in a business or provide finance to an entrepreneur to help the latter bring his business to a higher level. Only legal person incorporated in Mauritius (Domestic Company and Global Business Company ‘GBC’) can apply for the licence.

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Family Office

In Mauritius, Family Office (“FO”) are structured either as Single Family Office (“SFO”) Licence or Multiple Family Office (“MFO”) Licence. A “SFO” is a licence to manage investments, assets and estates of a Single Family whereas a “MFO” is a licence to manage the investments, assets and estates of Multiple Families, who are not necessarily connected to one another. We also provide Concierge Services.

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The success of Mauritius has always been significantly attributed to the business environment that it offers to the international investor community. The surge of FinTech has already started to reshape the financial sector on a global scale and attract significant attention from markets, customers, and investors. This FinTech movement is also gaining momentum in Mauritius and for that reason, the policymakers are confidently putting efforts together for capitalising on the potentials of FinTech, as a new pillar for the future growth of the Mauritian economy.


Governed under the ‘Financial Services Act 2007’ and the ‘Companies Act 2001’, a Global Business Licence (“GBL”) was previously termed a GBL1 or simply an ‘Offshore Company’. The GBL is a Mauritian entity which may conduct any lawful activity principally outside of Mauritius. The GBL is qualified as a Mauritian tax resident and thus can avail benefits under the vast ‘Double Tax Treaty’ network and ‘International Promotion and Protection Agreements’ which Mauritius has signed with various countries including more than 20 countries in Continental Africa.

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Global Headquarters Administration Licence

A Global Headquarter Administration Licence (“GHAL”) is an activity license which allows multinational companies to set up or relocate their regional administration, procurement, and accounting functions to Mauritius. A Global Business Licence or a domestic Company can apply for the GHAL and such entities are subject to a tax holiday of 8 years.

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Global Legal Advisory Licence

A Global Legal Advisory Services Licence (“GLASL”) is an activity license which allows interested international law firms to set up regional offices in Mauritius to provide legal advisory services to global enterprises including international arbitration, corporate law, taxation and the international practice of law in different areas. Mauritius has a hybrid legal system based on English and French law. A Limited Liability Partnership or a Company holding a Global Business Licence is the ideal structure to apply for the GLASL and such entities are subject to a tax holiday of 5 years.

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The Mauritian International Financial Centre regulates the Insurance Business Sector through the Financial Services Commission (“FSC”). Mauritius provides a host of Insurance Licences which caters for different types of insurances: (i) Captive Insurance and Captive Insurance Agent; (ii) Insurance Broker and Insurance Agent; (iii) General Insurance; (iv) Re-Insurance Company.

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Investment Dealer Licence & Investment Advisor Licence

Mauritius has the advantage of having a modern and flexible securities law which enables it to issue an array of Investment Adviser & Investment Dealer Licences within a reasonable period and with a low tax regime. The ‘Securities Act 2005’ coupled with the ‘Securities (Licensing) Rules 2007’ form the backbone of the legal framework within which an Investment Dealer & Investment Advisor operate.

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Mauritius Trust

Trusts in Mauritius are governed by the ‘Trusts Act 2001’. A Mauritian Trust is the ideal vehicle to shelter assets against creditors’ claim, exchange control, commercial risk or expropriation. It is an effective and perfect way for tax planning, assets protection and for protection of confidential information.

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Limited Partnership (“LP”): Governed under the ‘Limited Partnership Act 2011’, the LP is a business structure where two or more Partners have agreed to carry any lawful business in Mauritius or from within Mauritius. The Partners may be persons outside Mauritius or both in Mauritius. Investors and fund promoters can make use of the LP as a tool for corporate structures. Limited Liability Partnership (“LLP”): Governed under the ‘Limited Liability Partnership Act 2016’, the LLP is a hybrid form of vehicle combining features of both a company and a limited partnership. LLPs can be incorporated in two ways namely: (i) Foreign LLP, (ii) LLP holding a Global Business Licence. The LLP is a vehicle which is fully tax free in Mauritius.

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Protected Company Cell

Mauritius is one of the rare jurisdictions which provide a flexible legal structure for the Protected Cell Company (“PCC”). It is governed by the ‘Protected Cell Company Act 1999’. A PCC is a corporate structure in which a single legal entity consists of a core linked to separate cells. Each cell has separate assets & liabilities and is independent from one another including the core. The main objectives of the PCC are the segregation of business risks and to protect individual cell assets & liabilities from the threat of contamination by the failure of another cell.

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Seychelles International Business Company

The Seychelles International Business Company (“IBC”) is the most popular type of Seychelles offshore structure due to its flexibility, fast incorporation (24 hours or less), low Government fees and excellent legal framework. The IBC is a limited life company with excellent legal protection due to its enabling legislation, the ‘International Business Companies Act 2016’. An IBC is 100% exempt from any form of tax in Seychelles including business tax, personal income tax, capital gains tax, stamp duty and withholding taxes relating to dividends, interest, royalties and similar transactions to non-residents of Seychelles.

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Ship Registration

Mauritius is the perfect place for ship registration owing to its strategic location in terms of geography and time zones. Ship registration is regulated by the ‘Mauritius Merchant Shipping Act 2007’ and the ‘Mauritius Shipping Act (Amended) 1992’ largely inspired and modelled according to the ‘British Merchant Shipping Act’. Such company can be used for various shipping activities such as fishing, transportation, etc. Mauritius is a member to most of the international conventions on maritime safety.

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Our international reach

We operate internationally and we can incorporate business structures in different jurisdictions apart from Mauritius: the Seychelles, Malta, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE & BVI and Eastern European countries.

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