Expatriate Services

We offer services to expatriates who wish to work and live in Mauritius.

  • Occupation Permits or Residence Permits

It is a permit that allows a foreigner to live and work in Mauritius for up to 3 years, renewable

  • Permanent Residence Permit

A Permanent Residence Permit is a permit that allows a foreigner to work and/or live in Mauritius for a period of 20 years, renewable

  • Student Visa and Residence Permit for foreign students

A Student Visa is a permit that allows a foreigner to stay in Mauritius to obtain tertiary education or technical & vocational education or to follow a practical training course which forms part of higher studies.

  • Acquiring Mauritian Citizenship

It allows a foreigner to acquire Mauritian citizenship subject to terms and conditions as defined by law.

  • Investment advisory

We also provide advisory services to our local and international clients in new business sectors including Real Estate development, Film Industry etc.

SME development framework and financing scheme

We operate a full fledge SME Desk to assist, guide and monitor small and medium enterprises including entrepreneurs in their quest for finances in order to develop their businesses. We assist SMEs in the following main areas:

  • Identifying the most appropriate Financing Scheme which best suit their financing requirements
  • Building their dossier to be submitted along with their application to the identified financial institutions
  • Realising their Business/ Re-structuring plan (if required)
  • Mentoring their performances

Services D’acceuils Aux Etrangers Brochure

Expatriate Brochure

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