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Course Title:
Workers’ Rights Act 2019 : A review from a Human Resource Management perspective

Duration- (hours/day): 6Hrs
Theory: Yes   Practical: Yes
Cost per participant:  Mur 9,500

Objectives/Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course, participants are expected to acquire a firm grasp of the mechanism of the Workers’ Rights Act 2019 with particular emphasis to provisions dealing with day to day Human Resource Management of an enterprise.  Starting with the requirements from recruitment level, the course delve into the essentials of conflict management, the numerous problems at work , remuneration rules down to disciplinary actions.

Profile of Participants:           

  • Human Resource Managers
  • Senior Managers
  • Management Executives
  • Entrepreneurs 

Detailed Course Contents:

-General Working Conditions (Flextime, Overtimes, Rest Period, Allowances, Leaves)
-Maintenance of Records and Registers
-Penalties for Non-Compliance with the Workers’ Rights Act 2019
-Employment categories (Determinate, Part-time, Full-time)
-Dealing with Recruitment, Interviews, Appointments and Promotions
-Statutory Obligations of Filing with relevant Authorities and applicable penalties
-Conflict management
-Management of Violence and Harassment at Work
-Holding and Handling Disciplinary Procedures
-Computation of  of Severance Allowances
-Reduction of Workforce and laying off

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