Upcoming Corporate Training : March 2022

Appavoo Business School

L. Clensy Appavoo


Appavoo Business School is pleased to announce its upcoming corporate training for March 2022.


AML/CFT Compliance and Risk-based Approach Training

Improve participants’ understanding on:

  • How launderers abuse the financial system to facilitate money laundering or terrorist financing- the three stages
  • How weaknesses or gaps in identifying and assessing risk may support and facilitate the threat of money laundering or terrorist financing
  • Importance of a proper framework of internal control measures
  • Recent update on the Legislative & Regulatory framework for anti- money laundering


  • A thorough understanding of the AML/CFT legislation, insights into the risk-based approach, regulatory trends and developments for Non-Bank Deposit Taking Institution (NBDTI’s).
  • How launderers abuse the ‘Trade Based Industry’ for money laundering and the financing of terrorism.
  • Importance of a proper AML/CFT framework of internal control, best practices to detect, investigate, report, escalate and resolve red flags.
  • The process of internal reporting, role of the MLRO and the filing of STR with the FIU.
  • Recent update on the Legislative & Regulatory framework for anti- money laundering for Operators of the Trade Based Industry.

Mastering Global Business Taxation

Understanding the rules of taxation, anti-avoidance provisions, and the different tax regimes for Global Business entities.

Main Topics:

  1. Taxation Rules
  2. Income Typologies
  3. Differential Tax Regimes
  4. Supplements

Masterclass in Employment Law & Practice

Get to acquire a firm grasp of the mechanisms of the Workers’ Rights Act 2019 while understanding the different conditions of employment and conflict management.

All courses are entitled Employers to claim up to 75% from HRDC.