Investment Advisory: New Industries

We also provide advisory services to our local and international clients in new business sectors, for instance:

  • Real Estate Sector
    The Real Estate Sector has been at the forefront of the country?s economic development in recent years. Indeed, numerous opportunities are available to invest in this sector within the different schemes which the government has set up.
  • Fintech
    Financial Technology better known as ?Fintech? aims to compete with traditional financial systems in the delivery of financial services. Fintech represents a real opportunity for the financial sector of Mauritius which as an avant-garde jurisdiction as Mauritius, already has the necessary ecosystem to assist Fintech companies.
  • Film Industry
    Mauritius endeavours to develop the film industry and numerous measures have been taken by the Government which includes the setting up of a Film Rebate Scheme. The scheme allows 30% to 40% refund on all the Qualifying Production Expenditures (QPPE) incurred by a film producer in respect of his/her project in Mauritius.
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