Relationship between Employers and Employees

Following the COVID-19 Act 2020

by Kaminee Busawah


It is no secret to anybody that, like any other country, Mauritius has been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and its reverberations. The outbreak of the pandemic has disrupted our lives and livelihood at all levels causing an unprecedented halt to the global economy. All sectors including production, hospitality, trade and business in general have been paralyzed.

The sanitary curfew prevailing since the 20 of March 2020 was lifted on 31 May 2020 after which normal activity started in almost all sectors. However, with economic activity on hold for more than two months, resumption, faced to an unpredictable and muted economic recovery, appears very challenging. While most business are having great difficulty in navigating through the troubled aftermath of the pandemic, the most commonly asked question from our business associates is: ‘how do we deal simultaneously with re-inventing the business with a view to salvaging it while on the other hand preserving employment?’

HLB Mauritius, bearing in mind the quandaries of its stakeholders, wish to highlight, in simple words, the
implications of the Covid Act relative to employment and the new rules for industrial relations.

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