Our Tax Advisory department provides written tax opinions, analysis of complex tax issues, handle tax investigations, lodge and conduct cases before the Assessment Review Committee and depose as Tax Experts before the Supreme Court. We can advise on both local and international tax matters and in particular on the interpretation and application of Tax Treaties.

Tax Investigation

Whatever the type of fiscal investigation you have to face, we have the experience and expertise to help with a complete range of Tax Investigation services. Such investigations are usually conducted by the Mauritius Revenue Authority on a minimum of four years (Income Tax) and five years (VAT). The consequences of mishandling an investigation can be serious and costly and we advise our clients to contact us as soon as they receive a formal notice from the MRA.

Tax Planning & Structuring

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Tax Consultancy

Truly effective tax planning strategies are those which permit you to do what you want while reducing tax expenses along the way. We help you take control of your financial situation for any of your personal or business projects to avoid tax blunders.

The advantages of proper tax planning are:

  • To be fully aware of any tax involved in the transaction, including hidden taxes
  • Weight your options in terms of structure to avoid or reduce tax
  • Optimise your investment and expect no surprise
  • Feel confident of having taken the right decision

Did you know?

Mauritius is a low-tax jurisdiction with an investor-friendly environment:

  • Harmonised corporate and income taxes at 15% for local companies
  • Tax rate of 0-3% for global business (offshore) companies
  • No capital gain tax
  • No tax on interest and dividends
  • Exemption from customs duty on equipment
  • Free repatriation of profits, dividends and capital
  • No tax on gift, wealth, inheritance and estate
  • No exchange control

Tax Treaties and other bilateral agreements

Mauritius is the preferred international financial centre for emerging market investments, and is a member of all African major regional organisations. The country has signed bilateral trade agreements with the USA, Europe, India, Africa and other Indian Ocean islands.

Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAAs)

The double taxation avoidance agreement is an agreement between two jurisdictions, which helps the taxpayer to get relief from double taxation on the same income. So far, Mauritius has concluded DTAAs with 42 countries, including 15 African countries.


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