Corporate, Secretariat and Investment Advisory

Our team of Experts in Legal, Corporate and Compliance services brings to our clients a structured service package which fosters legal, regulatory and ethical business practices.

Licensing, Incorporation, Data Protection, Compliance register

  • We ensure that all our clients operate with the appropriate licences
  • We advise on the appropriate structure for the business model of each client
  • We have in place a complete suite of services to ensure that our clients are compliant with the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
  • We provide our clients with an Organisation Kit upon starting business and also a Compliance Register for all legal formalities to be completed and observed

Contract drafting and legal support

  • Our clients benefit from an Expert Team of legal advisers and consultants for contract drafting
  • Legal support is provided in legal advisory, litigation and court cases
  • We work with a network of Barristers, Solicitors and Legal Advisers to ensure that our clients have access to specialist advice when needed

Company secretarial practice

  • We offer a full suite of Company Secretarial services including incorporation of business structures, holding of Board and Shareholders Meetings and completion of statutory filings
  • We can handle ‘going public’ and the floatation of companies on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius

Corporate recovery and Insolvency practice

  • We advise clients on ‘Corporate Recovery’ by conducting business review, proposing re-engineering plans, and the re-structuring of resources
  • We also operate an Insolvency Practice which handles all types of insolvency situation including the following
    • Voluntary winding up;
    • Creditors winding up;
    • Winding up by the Court;
    • Administration and Receivership
  • Cross border liquidations and
  • Clients who use our services include corporates, Insurance companies, Banks, Regulatory Bodies such as the Bank of Mauritius, the Financial Services Commission, etc.

Bilal Korim

Manager- Consultancy & Corporate


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